5 Steps to the Best Buyers Presentation

Posted by Alexander Fazelani on

The market is shifting again and as real estate agents we need to move with the tide. For the last couple of years sellers had control of the market. Most agents working with buyers during this time were no stranger to bidding wars. As this market shifts we are going to potentially see an increase in inventory and less buyers flooding the market due to interest rates. This will take us into the buyers market where buyers again have control of the market. 

With that being said we need to be prepared. Too many agents waste too much time taking out unqualified buyers with no strategy. In this video we are going to break down 1 strategy that will help you save time, gas and build loyalty with your buyer clients. Here is the 5 step process in conducting the best buyers presentation.  

Step 1: Build rapport and ask light questions 

Step 2: Dive deeper into your clients financial situation and ask heavier questions 

Step 3: Go over listings to understand the clients desires and needs.

Step 4: Identify leverage and how you can assist them

Step 5: Close for the agent client relationship.

If you are interested in a detailed breakdown of the qualifying questions check out the video above for an in depth breakdown of the buyers presentation.

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