How To Prepare For 2022 - Real Estate Agents

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The new year, 2022, is almost here and a lot of us are still recovering from our Thanksgiving-induced food comas. The mediocre agent is thinking to themselves, “When January first hits I’m going to close all the deals. Starting the first I’m going to be a new person” 

Meanwhile the Top Producing Agent is sitting in their bat caves eating leftovers and working on their fundamentals. The Top Producer knows that when January first hits they are not going to “start” ...they are just going to continue to dominate.  

So, here are 3 things you need to start working on figuring out now so when that clock hits twelve on December 31st there is nothing else to do but step into your greatness. 

Create Your Prospecting Mix/Marketing Mix 

Picking and planning the 4-6 ways you plan on obtaining business is imperative to your success. Are you going to call FSBOs, Expires, and Geo leads? Are you going to pay for online advertising through Zillow, Realtor and Homes.Com? Are you going to run Facebook, youtube pre-roll, or google ads? Are you going to do it the old fashion way by throwing and going to networking events? 

When you wake up on New Years Day the method should be plotted out. It's go time!

Need help developing your Prospecting and Marketing Mix? Check out our Business Plan for Real Estate Agents. 

Create Your Follow-Up Strategy 

Having 4-6 methods of getting your name out there is great, but what's the point if you have no follow-up game? You need to have a follow-up strategy in place to nurture those people you are meeting through your prospecting and marketing mix. Relationships are the name of the game so having your automation and reminders set up is not only highly recommended, but necessary.  

Revisit Your Marketing Budget 

How much money did you make last year? How much did you spend? What marketing methods worked? Where can you cut the fat? What can you double down on? 

The well-known adage that states, “in order to get where you're going you need to first understand where you have been” could not be more true. 

Last year you might have put all your marketing dollars into Zillow Premier Agent, but maybe now most of your business is coming from open houses and door knocking. You may be a stone-cold killer on the phones, but you spend most of your time handing out flyers on the train. We all have strengths and weaknesses. 

What helps me grow my business may not be the best route for you. You should invest in your strengths and cut the budget or cord on what is not working well.

If at the minimum you get these fundamental three things lined up for 2022, you are going to start your New Year on the right foot. I love turkey – who doesn’t love tryptophan-induced slumbers? But don’t nap your way into another mediocre year. Let’s make 2022 the best year of your career!   

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