3 Social Media Strategies That Help Real Estate Professional Stand Out

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Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Investors, Inspectors, Coaches, and even Appraisers can leverage social media in order to build an audience, generate more business, and grow their brand. More important they can do this without spending any money – which begs the question, "Why Don't They?"

There are a handful of specific strategies some of the top real estate professionals in the business do in order to accomplish popularity and brand recognition on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Here are 3 social media strategies that help real estate professionals stand out.

#1 They Show Up Daily

Just like in their actual business, real estate professionals like David and Nya of Executive Line Real Estate show up daily on the 'gram and Facebook! @DavidtheCloser is a Real Estate Agent and Local Real Estate Investor in New York with his Fiancee Nya and together they share the ins and outs of their business, family life and even share education with their audience. If we had to sum it up into a recipe, it would be: 

1 Tsp #CoupleGoals
1 Tbs #AdorableBabyGirl
1 Tbs Behind the Scenes
1 Tbs Real Estate Investments
2 Tbs Real Estate Education (Buyers/Sellers)
1 Tsp Celebrations
3 Pinches of Adventure

Yes, we broke it down! On a serious note, all kinds of real estate professionals can grow their business by sharing education, accomplishments and their human side. Go take a look at their Instagram...chances are you'll start following them too!

#2 They Focus On Giving Value

This was actually in the recipe we shared above. Value-based social media content is always a winning strategy! You might find yourself constantly asking...HOW do I provide value? The answer is easier than you think. 

We dare you to make a list of 5 things you NEVER KNEW about real estate (or your particular specialty) and then turn that list in 5 questions. BOOM! You have topics/titles for your next 5 VIDEOS! Better yet, you could put those videos on a YouTube Channel like Rock Star Real Estate Investor Charles Weinraub. The man has a podcast, youtube channel, tv commercial, postcard campaign, and he's buying houses left and right! 

If you're a little bit shy then maybe video isn't your thing. That doesn't mean you can't write an awesome social media caption or blog post on your website! Try different forms of media and see what works best for you. The important thing is that you SHARE VALUABLE CONTENT. Give it a try!

#3 There's Intention Behind Their Actions

Really what we mean is that they have CTAs (Calls to Action). We have a whole FREE training on that here. It's so important to make sure you have a link in the bio of your social profiles and you CONSISTENTLY DIRECT your audience to those links. Just because you put the links there doesn't mean everyone will click them. You have to be intentional about your strategy in order to see results. 

After all, that's what we're after here. Results! Which reminds me...if you got to the end of this article we want to wish you MANY happy new clients, accepted offers and tonsss of CLOSINGS!!!


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