How To Revamp A Stale Listing

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The video below is part of a recording from @AlexFazelani and @AmandaFazelani 's own Real Estate Team Meeting where they covered How To Revamp A Stale Listing.

Adding Expireds and FSBOs to your prospecting plans in 2022 will definitely increase your production, but there are two things that must be understood before tackling a FSBO/Expired Marketing Strategy:

#1 They Are Sometimes Emotionally Exhausted

Think about it from their perspective: Either (a) they tried to go it alone and were unsuccessful – which is disappointing; or (b) they were listed with another broker for 6-12 months and didn't have a great experience. Turning around and trusting YOU to get the job done isn't always easy. Approach with care, and compassion, while instilling confidence in YOUR ability to get it done and provide quality service.

#2 The Listing is Likely STALE

If the listing expired off the market then that means it sat for 3-12 it's stale. If they went For Sale By Owner and didn't have success, it could mean the listing was grossly over priced, poorly marketed, and/or stood on the market for weeks or it's stale.
In order to help a FSBO or Expired Seller you must master the art of revamping a stale listing. There are many ways to do this and we're actually going to share a special training with you.

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