12 Instagram Reels Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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It seems like there's no escaping Reels on Instagram – especially if you're trying to grow your real estate business using Social Media. We won't sit here and write paragraphs about how you should "just do it." Instead, we're going to give you a list of ideas that you can literally record today; plus, a list of tips to make it all easier.

Reels Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Title/Headline: 4 Simple Steps To…[Choose from below] 

  • Get Pre-approved
  • Find The Right Listing Agent
  • Find The Right Buyers Agent
  • Prepare Your Home For Sale
  • Prepare Your Home For Listing Photos
  • Save For A Down Payment
  • Raise Your Credit Score
  • Get Your Offer Accepted
  • Raise Your Home’s Value

In the video, list out 4-ways your viewer can achieve one of the bullet points.


4 Simple Steps To Prepare Your Home For Listing Photos

  1. Declutter Rooms 
  2. Remove Personal Items (family photos, etc)
  3. Clear Surfaces (kitchen counters of appliances, coffee table of clutter, dressers of deodorant, perfume, etc.)
  4. Schedule a time when the most light is in your home!

Recording Tip: You can easily shoot this in your home kitchen to showcase items being decluttered, removed from surfaces, etc.

Call To Action: Did you know I can help you get your home ready for sale? Send me a DM or Call Me Today – Risk Free!

General Call To Action for the whole list: Need Help Getting This Done? Send me a DM or Call Me Today!

Total Video Length: 15-30 Seconds

Music Mood: Upbeat Fun Music

Video Production Time: 15 Minutes

Rinse & Repeat for the rest of the Bullet Pointed Ideas! You’ll have a total of (9) Reels Ready to go which can be spaced out across 2-3 weeks and mixed in with other types of content. Remember, you don’t have to record (9) in ONE DAY – just 2-3 is enough to get started!


Title/Headline: What You Can Expect From Me As Your Real Estate Agent/Realtor/Broker 

This one is a Reels “Series” that can be broken down in 3 parts, or even 4-6 parts! It all depends how creative you want to get.


  • Part 1: 
    • Always Have Your Best Interest at Heart
    • Always Negotiate The Best Price Possible
    • Always Communicate Often & Clearly
  • Part 2:
    • Always Update You On The Newest Listings
    • Always Run Comps BEFORE Placing An Offer
    • Always Submit Your Offer Quickly
  • Part 3:
    • Always Answer Your Questions with Care
    • Always Explain The Process Each Step of the Way
    • Always Stay On Top Of Your Transaction For Smoothness!

Each video “part” is (1) Reel, and we’re sure you can come up with more parts! Just showcase what you have to offer.

Recording Tip: These can be shot back-to-back on the same day with the SAME outfit on. The trick here is to space out when you actually post them to Instagram.

Call To Action: Are You Ready To Work With Me? Send me a DM or Call Me Today!

Total Video Length: 15-30 Seconds

Music Mood: Upbeat Fun Music

Video Production Time: 10-15 Minutes Each

If you executed on the first group of (9) and then you get these done...you’ve got yourself 12+ Reels locked and loaded!

Tips To Make "Reels" Easier:

  • Pre-choose Your Topic/Theme
  • Pre-schedule a Recording Date/Time
  • Batch Shoot Your Videos
  • Keep it Simple
  • Don't Feel Forced To Follow The Trends

Were these examples helpful?

Let us know in the comments below or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. Check back here in the future for more Reels ideas!

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