How To Use Instagram Reels To Get More Real Estate Clients

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Reels and Deals; One Instagram Tip That Will Get You More Clients.

Let’s Keep it Reels for a Second…Sorry for the horrible pun. All bad jokes aside Instagram seems to have become the go-to place for Realtors to build recognition and authority in the Real Estate sales space. Many Realtors have taken to the platform in droves promoting just sold's, just listed, educational videos, and stories about their day-to-day lives in one of the "sexiest professions" out there. 

Instagram itself has become that go-to all-in-one platform that everyone uses. One of its newest features is Reels. **Queue Epic Movie Voice** "THE TIK TOK OF INSTAGRAM!" This new feature is highly favored by the Instagram algorithm and could be a really valuable tool in your Social Media arsenal.   

But Alex, I’m not funny and reels are for people with a sense of humor! Okay, fine you are not funny and you find dad jokes way more entertaining than they should be. However, there are many amazing ways of leveraging reels that can help you grow your business without mouth syncing iconic movie quotes. 

The one method that has been working for me very well is “The Business Spotlight Reels.”

So, instead of doing an epically produced 10-minute review on a Restaurant/ Business I simply record a couple of short videos of my experience at the location, throw some background music on it, and do a voice-over of my experience at the business. It is simple as that.

I’ve received the same positive feedback as my highly produced videos and they are way easier to create.

3 Reasons to do Business Spotlight Reels:

  1. You meet local business owners and employees who might share your reel. This will lead to more locals knowing who you are and expanding your network. 

  2. When spending time at these businesses try to meet locals. Ask if they don’t mind featuring in your Reel for a quick cheer or have them say that they love this location. Tell them you are a local real estate professional shining light on the go-to spots. You would be surprised how far that goes and how many people actually know someone looking to purchase soon.

  3. Your increase the knowledge of your market and get to prospect in a simple and amazing way. It also could be tons of fun!

So, it has been Reels…Sorry, last corny pun of this post. Pick up that phone and go support and spotlight local businesses. You will not regret it.

Check Out My Latest Business Spotlight Reels 


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