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Designed for Real Estate Professionals by Active Realtors®

When co-founder Amanda Bohorquez became a licensed Real Estate Agent it was after a decade long career as a professional graphic designer and multi-media producer. Entering a new career field, with fresh eyes, it came to her attention that many real estate professionals struggled with the same issue – a lack of design savvy, tools and/or resources that are modern, easy-to-use, and with their true success in mind. This is when she collaborated with Alexander Fazelani – a multi-six-figure earning Real Estate Broker in Queens, NY.

Together they designed the very first Design For Realtors product – The Digital Downloadable Agent Planner Pro. Originally designed out of necessity, it became a best-seller and became the catalyst for the business.

Our Mission

At Design For Realtors we seek to consistently empower Real Estate Professionals with modern marketing materials, up-to-date educational resources, and fun apparel that will help them earn more business, become stronger marketers, and build a profitable personal brand.

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