3 Real Estate Door Knocking Mistakes To Avoid

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It is said that 90% of what you say has nothing to do with your words and everything to do with your tone and your body language. As real estate agents, we have to better understand how we come off to people and master the art of “what do I do with my hands.” So let’s break down a couple of body language tips you can start being aware of during your door-knocking sessions so you can turn more opportunities into closings. 

What do I do with my hands? 

Our hands usually make things awkward a lot of the time and the reason is simple.  Your hand gestures are the most fluid things we possess.  When we're explaining something we usually use our hands to emphasize and highlight our points and desires. We're going to want to keep our hand gestures to a slightly moderate and relaxed movement. We don’t want to overdo it on our first substantial meeting – and we don’t want to look like a robot soldier either. Loosen up a little.

Another thing that you want to avoid is putting your hands behind your back or in your pockets. Some people might see this as threatening and that is not the look we are going for when trying to win listings. Trust me.  

Some other key things to look out for and avoid are crossing your arms, pointing, and keeping your hands in a fist. Those are all seen as combative and stand-offish. Keep your palms out and visible while speaking and if you most point use your whole hand to do so. 

How should you stand?

As we mentioned before, we are not robot soldiers so avoid a rigid stance. Try to keep a bounce in your knees and avoid slouching as that is not appealing.  Stand square with purpose close enough to the door that it can swing open and far enough back that they can hear you clearly. I knew an agent that used to step way too far away from where he would almost have to scream “Are you looking to buy or sell in the near future?” Don’t be like him! 

What should you do with your eyes? 

This is the most intimidating thing about in-person sales. Looking your prospect in the eye can be one of the most difficult things a salesperson can do. Don’t worry with the following tips you will be a pro in no time. 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and it’s true. So try to make as much eye contact when speaking to the prospect. I try to stare into one of their eyes and/or the upper cheek. I make it a focal point. It is okay to occasionally look away as long as you bring back your gaze. 

One big thing to avoid when door-knocking is wandering eyes. Make sure you maintain eye contact with the prospect and do not look into the house, backyard, or at the car in the driveway while you speak. It is awkward and a sure-fire way to mess up that interaction. 

If you follow these body language tips I guarantee that you will be able to build more relationships which will lead you to more deals closed. So, go out there knock on some doors and for the love of everything good keep your hands out of your pockets.

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