How To Get Over Fear Of Cold Calling

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One of my biggest flaws early on in my real estate career was my fear of rejection! For most of us in Real Estate, it's completely normal, but on the other hand the top 10-20% of real estate agents are making six figures to 7 figures per year. They all have one thing in common – they do some type of cold prospecting, whether it be door knocking or cold calling. 

If you want to be a Top Producer, don’t want to break the bank, and want to grow a pipeline that will constantly be fed..then prospecting daily is the name of the game. Now, how do you get over the fear of rejection? Let’s break down three techniques that you can utilize in order to overcome it!

Scale Up Slowly

A lot of real estate coaches will tell you to dive in, spend a minimum of 2-4 hours per day cold calling geo leads, expireds, and FSBOs. The truth is, this can be overwhelming if you’re new to it. Another way is to start off with just 10-25 calls. Scale up day-by-day. As you scale, you will become more comfortable with hearing NO than if you jumped straight into 300-400 calls per day from day one.

Listen To Others

Listening to someone that does it on a consistent basis, that's actually more skilled than you, can really open your mind. You’ll hear them deal with rejection, see them recover quickly, and move on to the next. This will help instill the idea in your brain that it’s 100% possible to do this and you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Watch the video for the 3rd tip!



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