How To Get More Listings with This One Letter

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As real estate agents we all know the usual tactics for getting listings (i.e. cold calling, postcards, online ads, etc). Many of us get a listing, sell that listing and then proudly shout from the top of the social media roof tops that we've sold it! Is that all YOU do? We hope not...and we want to share a special letter that you can use in order to get your next listing appointment!

The Strategy

After you've sold a home, it's important to let as many people as possible know that they can trust you to "get it done!" One of the best ways to do this is actually by sending a hand addressed and hand stamped note to 50 or 100 people that live around that area. 

Inside The Letter

When you write the letter it will simply let the local homeowners in the area know that they have a new neighbor, BUT it will also let them know that there are other interested buyers who didn't get that particular home. You'll explain that these buyers are interested in moving into the neighborhood and if the homeowner has ever thought about selling...they should contact YOU.

What If I Don't Have Listings?

Get creative! You can actually send a letter mapping out what homes have recently sold in the area – just don't claim that you had anything to do with the sale. This still positions you as the local agent who is keeping homeowners informed about their neighborhood.



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