Mastering the Art of CTA Sales 101 for Real Estate Agents

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This 100% FREE training with Alex Fazleani ( @alexfazelani ) and Amanda Bohorquez ( @realestatewithamanda ) covers how real estate agents can utilize CTAs in order to generate more leads and grow their business. Many real estate agents will focus their efforts on learning about what to post on social media and getting a website setup – the missing ingredient to successful execution in those lead generation avenues is the CALL TO ACTION! Alex and Amanda break it down and share how you go from putting yourself "out there" with your business to actually GETTING WHAT YOU WANT!

What You'll Learn:

  • What it is & why it matters
  • Psychology of the CTA
  • Types of CTAs
  • Your Offer
  • Utilizing Funnels
  • Straight Line Selling
  • Qualifying Your Leads
  • Where to put your CTAs

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Mastering the Art of CTAs (Sales 101)




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