2021 Halloween Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

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There's so much fun to be had when creating a marketing campaign around a specific holiday – especially one like Halloween! Let's break down some actionable ideas you can implement for your 2021 Halloween marketing strategy:

Host a Halloween Giveaway

This can easily be done on social media by offering up to giveaway a Target, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Home Goods, or even Home Depot Gift Card ($25 - $100). You can create a social post, or even landing page asking your audience/locals to sign up to enter to win. This is a great way to collect emails/phone numbers and generate a wave of engagement.

We're going to tie this in to an Halloween Themed Open House idea later in this post.

5-10 Days of 'Scary Projects' Content 

This can be done in the form of blogs, videos, or short social posts. The idea is that you share a "scary" home improvement project and a solution to make it easier or more cost effective! This can also be done with "Scary First Time Home Buyer Mistakes" broken up in 5-10 days; OR "Scary Home Seller Mistakes".

You can get really creative here and even ask a vendor (inspector, appraiser, contractor, credit specialist, etc) to chime in on the content so you don't have to write it all!

Halloween Themed Open House with Giveaway 

Alright this idea needs to be executed on steroids...seriously. In order for this to really have a great turn out you've got to take your regular open house strategy and 10X it!

  • Promo minimum 1-week in advance
  • Have candy/candy bags ready to give out
  • Tie in a giveaway 
  • Door knock the nearest 100+ homes in the area the day before or morning of inviting them to enter into the giveaway at the open house
  • Call the nearest 200+ homes in the area 24-48 hours before inviting them to the open house and collecting emails to enter into the giveaway
  • Create a Halloween Theme with your printed/social marketing materials
  • Document the event on video to post later on social media
  • Announce the winner on the video and post to social media

Those are just some general tips to make sure you make the MOST out of the event. If you work with a team and you can host multiple open houses on the same weekend then make it happen! You won't regret it!

Halloween Themed Instagram Reels Idea 

Here's a Reels idea that you can record today:

Title/Headline: 4 Scary Things First-Time Home Buyers Believe

  • Getting pre-approved will ruin your credit score.
  • Waiving your Home Inspection is "required" in this market.
  • The bank you currently use will give you the BEST mortgage rate.
  • You can "safely" make furniture purchases BEFORE your closing date.

In the video, explain/write out why these are NOT true for each of the bullet points.

Recording Tip: You can easily shoot this anywhere in your home or office. No speaking required. Just some fun spooky music and some pointing fingers!

Call To Action: Looking to buy a home? Send me a DM or Call Me Today – Risk Free!

Total Video Length: 30-45 Seconds

Music Mood: "Michael Jackson's Thriller" by The Mystery man; OR "Jack's Obsession" by Vitamin String Quartet from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Video Production Time: 10-15 Minutes

Did you enjoy these ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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