The Buyers Presentation - Why Real Estate Agents Shouldn't Skip Them

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If you are taking any home buyer out without pre-approving and qualifying them, you are setting yourself up for failure. Contrary to popular belief, the Buyer's Presentation is a time saver and an amazing way to build rapport with potential buyers. Here are 5 reasons why the buyer's presentation is so important: 

1. It Allows You To Create the Agent/Customer Relationship. 

When you meet a buyer via zoom and or in-person it gives you an opportunity to connect and find common ground; hence, building a deeper connection than just showing them properties where their main focus is on the house itself. 

You get to understand why they are looking to move. You get to understand where their potential struggles will be. You can also show off a little of your expertise and prove why working with you will benefit them. 

2. It Will Save You a Trip Around The World.

When I was new in the business I would run around showing unqualified buyers all day. Just to be ghosted like a bad Tinder date. Scheduling a half hour to an hour meeting with the prospect prior to showings helps you gauge how serious this buyer is. You also get to see how realistic their wants and needs are, as well as understand their timeline.

I once showed a client 5 houses to find out that they had the credit score of high school kid. Yes, they had no credit. It also hurt to find out that they had less buying power than I did – and I was making less then $30K/year at that time.  So, let's nip it in the bud in a half hour meeting. 

3. You Can Turn No-Chance-Buyers Into Buyers.

When meeting with your buyers you will sometimes find that their credit may not be all to good or they don't earn enough income per year to qualify for a mortgage that fits their monthly budget. This is not the end of the relationship. You can refer them to professionals that can help them, or come up with a saving plan that will make their home buying dreams a reality.

If you refer them to a helpful professional they will come back and become a raving fan of your services. We're playing the long-term success game here.

4. It Helps Make The Buyer More Realistic. 

When the world is your oyster, and there is a seemingly endless amount of listings that can be viewed, buyers have a hard time narrowing down what their wants and needs are. This is where you as a professional come in. You can show them listings in a projected price range; virtually.

If they hate everything in their budget you may have saved yourself 5-10 hours of your life. They also might curb their unrealistic view of what they can and can't afford – basically, bring them back to earth. 

5. You Can Create a Game Plan and Take Charge of The Sale.

Last but not least is taking charge of the sale. When you establish the professional/customer relationship you will have the opportunity to call the next steps. Whether it be getting pre-approved, LP/DU Verified, credit repair, saving more or going right to showings.  

6. It's Safer...

There's not denying that this is a people business, but it's also a business of dealing with strangers on a daily basis. It should go without saying that meeting a total stranger at a vacant property at the drop of dime simply because they claim they're interested in buying it...well, it's a bad idea. Red flags galore. 

Conducting a Buyer's Presentation allows you and the buyer and opportunity to meet formally, in a public and safe environment, prior to touring potentially empty properties together. 

But, My Broker Said I Should Take All Buyers Out Right Away...

There is a school of thought out there in the Real Estate Industry that teaches agents to play by numbers. It teaches that when you're brand new you should just take everyone and anyone on, show them properties right away, and hope for the best. 

Yes, you will learn a thing or two with this strategy – but some agents don't have time to learn the long way. If you're a part-time agent, or a full-time parent and newly licensed, or your savings account isn't as large as you'd like it to be. Chances are, you can't spend hours on end learning those hard lessons at a slower pace. 

The Buyers Appointment/Presentation solves this and will help speed up the learning process. So, if you are still taking out unqualified buyers after these 5 reasons, and feeling like you're not placing as many offers as you could be, you have no one to blame but yourself. Just know that you have been warned about the consequences.

Remember, it is all about qualifying and building relationships! If you do that you will rarely waste your time and your business will run a lot smoother. 

Are you a fan of pre-qualifying your buyers through a formal buyers appointment? Share in the comments below. Know a fellow agent who would benefit from this article? Share the link with them!



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