3 Real Estate Closing Tactics That Lead To More Sales

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When we think about closing we think about the Wolf of Wall Street telling his subordinate to sell him a pen. The truth is that it doesn't have to be as hard, cold and rigid as that. The truth is closing is all about crystallizing someone's thinking. Allowing them to see themselves in a space, understand the market, and make the best choice for themselves. So, lets go over the only 3 closes you will need to use when showing a property. 

The Only Three Closes You Will Ever Need For Showings

How would you set up this space? What is the size of your bed set, couch, dining room table, etc. 

Visualization is a powerful and remarkable tool. Sometimes by asking simple questions like this the prospective customer can start seeing themselves in the space. It gives them a better experience and puts them in the mindset of what they want, need and can create. Most houses are not perfect but if they are able to overlook the little things and focus on the bigger picture they will be a lot happier with their decisions.  

I ran the comps for the house and based on the demand I think we should…

Knowing your numbers before you go to a showing is a must. It not only helps you justify offers but it helps clients to understand value and make choices logically rather then based on gut intuition. "I feel like this house is overpriced," is a very different statement than "I know this house is overpriced, and here are the comps to prove it."  This helps you take control of the sale and allows you to negotiate more effectively. 

From a scale of 1-10 what do you rate this property? 

This is one of my favorite closes. I prep my clients during the buyers presentation for this close. I tell them that I will be asking them after every showing to rate the property from a scale of 1-10. It's a tactic I use to better understand what they are looking for. I also let them know that anything rated 7.5 and above will be a property we place an offer on (disclaimer: placing an offer is always the buyer's choice, but I use this close as a way to help them decide).

I also back this up with a story about how I had a client once who saw a property that he ranked a 7.5 out of 10. After going out to numerous other showings he couldn’t find a property better than that one. By the time we submitted our offer we lost the property to someone else and he was devastated. Although we eventually found him a home he liked, he always compared things to that original 7.5 property.

There are many closes out there, but these 3 will lay down a solid foundation for you to start crystallizing your clients and customers' thinking. Leading you to closing more deals! Now go out there and help people find the homes they want. 

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