5 Alternatives to Cold Calling That Will Build Your Real Estate Client Database

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For most new realtors generating qualified buyer and seller leads are the equivalent of cracking The Da Vinci Code. Cold Calling has been a tried and true method since the time of dinosaurs and many Realtors generate tons of business through them. Although it is effective, not everyone has the skill set and fortitude to crush phone calls like the Wolf of Wall Street. So, here are 5 methods of building your book of business without cold calling. 

1. Host a Networking Event For Other Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Networking is one of the most effective ways of building massive rapport with individuals from different industries. But Alex, I thought we were looking for clients. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are into investing and real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Also, Business owners and entrepreneurs who network probably have friends, associates, and business partners that might need your services. Building a book of referral partners is a must! It is a well that never goes dry. If you are good at making and maintaining friendships this might be an amazing way of drumming up new clients. 

2. Attend Local Meetups and Government Events

This one may sound a little boring if you're not into your local town halls and political scene. However, attending these events will put you in direct contact with homeowners and people that care about the neighborhoods you are working.  

These events will not only help you rub shoulders with potential clients, developers and business owners, it will also help you understand your community niche market that much better. Imagine being able to tell your potential client about developmental projects that will be popping up around them. 

3. Join a Club

I have a realtor friend who loves baseball! He joins a bunch of softball leagues every year and makes tons of connections. The best part about it is that you are doing something you love and prospecting at the same time! I mean what is more of a win-win situation. 

4. Create a "Business Spotlight" Series on Your Social Media Platforms  

If you are the reporter type, don’t mind being on camera and have a taste for an adventure this is an amazing way to meet clients. The method is relatively simple: you go to a restaurant, festival, event, etc, and vlog the experience. Your goal is to meet locals, managers, and owners. Let them know that you want to share their business with your audience. Boom! The cross-pollination process begins. You talk about their venue, get people's positive reviews, and let people know about the housing market the attraction is near.  

The business is very likely to share the video with its audience, which is usually full of local fans. Share it in local Facebook groups. With a little consistency, you will become a voice in the community. Your real estate business will thank you for it! 

5. Open Houses with Purpose

Open houses are still proven to be the best way of finding new business hands down. Most people who show up at a house are usually interested in real estate. However, most agents leave a lot of money on the table when it comes to open houses. Your goal with an open house is to get into the community and find other people who want to sell as well. 

Every Open House should be planned 1-2 weeks in advance and requires you to blow the marketing out the roof: Send out flyers, make calls, door knock, run a Facebook ad, and push this listing as if it were your last one. Your efforts will get you in contact with many homeowners who need your marketing expertise to get the most money for their house. 

Cold calling isn’t dead but it isn't the only way to build a solid pipeline of business.

The age old adage couldn't be more true “Where there is a will there's a way.” If you “will” yourself to go out there and build relationships and be of service to people the “way” will present itself. Now go out there and meet some people! 

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