5 Unique Ways To Get More Real Estate Leads in 2019

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As a real estate agent, we've all heard that cold calling, door knocking, and paying to leads can get you more leads. We wanted to cover a few more ways you can generate more leads that aren't so typical and can be a bit more fun!

5 Unique Ways To Get More Real Estate Leads in 2019


We've all heard that networking is great for any business owner, but if you network closely with key professionals related to your profession it can lead to big returns – referrals. This form of cross-marketing would involve simply contacting your area's best real estate attorneys, personal bankers, mortgage brokers, interior decorators, movers, notaries, and accountants and inviting them for a marketing meeting. Explain the unique ways in which you help clients in their area and how your referral based relationship can help one another. 

Action Plan: Create a list of 3 local professionals from each sector and invite them for coffee to discuss a combined marketing effort.


If you've already closed a few deals, try writing to those past clients directly and sending them a handwritten note. Everyone is so used to receiving emails, texts and printed materials that a handwritten note would stand out exceptionally well. Take it one step further by calling them a few days later to follow up, confirm they received it and ask for their referral.

Action Plan: Spend 30 minutes once a week on Mondays sending out handwritten notes to past clients. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. Any reasons is a good reason. Follow up on Fridays.


Hosting an educational event for first time home buyers or sellers is a great way to introduce yourself to those looking to get more information, but unsure of where or who to go to. You can co-host this event with one of those local professionals you met when you were building partnerships, host it solo at your office, or event co-host with a local cafe or community recreational space.

Action Plan: Contact 3 local professionals and pitch the idea. Make sure to have ideas on space, costs and how to attract attendees first.


We all know at least one person who has been divorced. Many times there is a need to sell real estate when it occurs. Contact the best divorce attorney in your area and see if you can create a referral system. Sure, it seems a bit of an odd target – and maybe a little negative - but it is a great way to bring new business and gain TWO clients with separate referral networks in one single deal.

Action Plan: Contact the divorce attorney of a friend and family member and ask them for advice on how to possibly entice the attorney in your area.


Ever pay attention to your facebook friends posts? While everyone is usually sharing a lot of reposted content, if you pay attention, you can actually see that a few friends are looking to move or thinking about selling. Maybe they are expecting a new baby and need to relocate to a bigger place. Maybe their kids just moved out and they might need to downsize. Maybe they just got a promotion and a simple congratulations would remind them that you are there and able to help them if they need to move soon. The opportunities are endless. You can actually even search the hashtags to find people in your area who are looking to move. 

Action Plan: Message 5 facebook friends every Thursday morning just as a friendly hello, how have you been. 

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  • Thank you very much for theses helpful tips and ways to get extra leads.

    Anita on

  • After 35 yrs in biz
    Both residential n commercial

    What’s is really needed
    Is a buyer/seller book
    Somewhere we can organize our buyers n sellers
    So that we can scan them quickly – to match them up with either buyer or property
    Whichever is appropriate
    That’s would be a terrific tool for us !
    My company of over 1000 sales pros. I bet 80%+ would buy it

    Just my thoughts is all

    Peter Morales on

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