The House Warming Party Playbook for Real Estate Agents

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Your deal just closed and you bought your client the good old bottle of wine, champagne, or liquor. You might get crazy and give them a little gift basket full of snacks and housewarming gifts. Although all that sounds great, what if I told you that there was an experience that you could give your client that will not only solidify you as the family Realtor® but also give you the opportunity to serve their friends and neighbors?

The house warming party strategy that I'm about to share has been an effective way for me to help build a community around my clients. By doing this gesture you're not only going to be remembered, but you are going to be raved about. So here is my house warming party playbook. 

Step One: The Fillable Sheet

The first thing I do after a deal closes and the client agrees to the house warming party is I find catering and clean-up services. My goal is to make this party less stressful for my client. I want them to focus on what matters and let me handle the rest.  I usually have a pre-made list of restaurants and cuisines that my clients can choose from on a fillable sheet. 

The fill-in sheet also lets them know how much the capacity of the party will be. In other words how much food will be provided. I also provide ideal dates for the party so we can have time to get everything prepped. I also let my clients know what I will not be providing so expectations are kept realistic and communication is clear. I usually do not provide entertainment, physical invitations, or DJs. 

Step Two: Invite

The second step is to create a Facebook event where I make my client an admin. This allows them to invite people directly. This is where the magic happens! After everyone is invited I personally reach out to everyone via DM to introduce myself and ask if there are any dietary restrictions to be aware of. Let them know that your goal is to make this party as stress-free for your clients as possible so if there is anything they need to reach out to you. 

Step Three: Party

The third step is to deliver and coordinate the day of the party. Pick up the catering, confirm with the cleaning crew and get ready to help greet people as they arrive. Remember this party is not about you, it's about your client. Only answer real estate questions when asked. Try not to do much selling! 

Step Four: Mingle

The fourth step is to have fun and mingle with your client's friends and family. Make sure to check in with your clients every so often to see if they need any help. Make sure not to get too drunk (if you do choose to indulge in alcohol during the event), and allow your clients to shower you with opportunities and new relationships. 

This strategy has worked wonders for me and I know it will work wonders for you. It might sound like a lot of work but it is well worth it.  Have you ever thrown a housewarming party for your clients? Share you tips in the comments below.

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