4 Mass Text Message Strategies That Will Help You Sell More Homes

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SMS marketing is fast growing and being utilized by many Top Producing agents to help their clients and their sphere of influence stay up to date with what’s going on in their local real estate markets. If utilized right you can obtain more opportunities without doing the heavy lifting of other marketing avenues. How can you use these marketing strategies to help build your book of business. 

Make sure your audience opts in. Do not spam. 

The first thing you need to remember is that SMS is not email. You can't just spam people because that will quickly get you on the “scam likely” list. I would recommend that you have your clients, past clients, sphere of influence, and prospects opt-in with you personally. This way they will expect your message and appreciate the value you will bring. Let's face it, nobody likes a spammer. 

Pro tip: Make sure when someone opts-in you have some type of hashtag or tag set up within your CRM that will help you identify them. 

1. Send new listings to your book of business on a weekly to bi-weekly basis

As a real estate professional you should be studying your local market. One amazing way to build relationships is to reach out to your SMS list with new listings hitting the market in their local areas. The listings do not have to be yours, but they should be through your IDX solution (so you’re compliant - check your state’s rules). Your SMS list may not want to purchase it themselves but they might know someone looking to move into the area. Referrals are always welcome in my database. 

2. Share educational content directly to them

Don’t just share listings! That gets boring and eventually any text from you will be associated with just business. That's why it is always a good idea to share some educational content with them. You can educate them on mortgage rates, trends, real estate law, and current events that could affect their investments. 

3. Share local events and things to do 

This one is a must! Sharing listings and education can be fun to a certain extent. However, what is more fun than showcasing local restaurants, events and parties that they might be interested in. This will not only help develop conversation but potentially lead to a meet. 

4. Share other local professionals 

Giving your book of business access to your network is invaluable. It not only will solidify you as the local plug but it will promote your networks businesses which in turn will help your business relationships and potentially be another source of income (hello referrals). 

If you leverage these 5 SMS strategies in your business It will flourish. Your referral business and sphere of influence will thank you and you will become the go to local expert in no time. 

Are you using mass text messaging in your real estate business? Let us know what’s working in the comments below.

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