Why Isn’t My Real Estate Website Converting Leads?

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Many agents have a real estate website, but most of them just sit dormant on the internet. They sit and wait for a prospect to eventually find them. They collect digital dust. The truth is a website could be one of the most valuable tools in your prospecting arsenal if utilized right. 

Here are 4 Ways Your Real Estate Website isn’t being Utilized Correctly:

You're not utilizing a landing or squeeze page 

Landing Pages or Squeeze Pages should be your website's bread and butter. Most of your paid-for advertising and organic traffic is going to land on these pages because they are geared for 1 goal: to “squeeze” the information out of the prospects. When it comes to service-based products such as real estate services you're going to need the prospect's email and phone number so you can follow up with them and set that appointment. Your landing pages and squeeze pages should be optimized for that. 

You’re sending traffic to your home page

One of the biggest mistakes agents make with their websites is they send paid-for traffic and organic traffic to their home page. This can kill your conversion ratio because your home page is filled with distractions like your bio, contact, blogs, and other pieces of content that will take them away from the main goal, which is to get them on a call. Make sure you are sending prospects to a strategic landing or squeeze page to minimize distractions.

You're not getting enough traffic 

Another obvious reason why your website is not converting is due to a lack of traffic. The internet is filled with noise and content being pushed out on a second-to-second basis. If you do not have a large audience to broadcast your content or landing pages to your website is not going to obtain a lot of leads. This is where paid for traffic comes into play. You can obtain this traffic through Facebook Ad’s, Google Ad’s and Youtube Pre-Role Ad’s. It really might make all the difference.  

Your offer is not concise or direct 

The majority of agents post a property in a story or post a just sold on a feed with no concise or direct messaging. You need some type of call to action if you want prospects to stop scrolling and visit your landing page. 

Example of a Concise and Direct Message:

 “Want to see more beautiful homes like this one in Forest Hills, Queens? Click the link below to see more homes like this one. 

“This home in Forest Hills, Queens just sold for $50k above the asking price! Click the link below to see what your house could go for on the active market. 

By using clear messaging you will improve your conversion rate and also find more ideal clients in your niche areas. 

If you avoid these top 4 mistakes your real estate website will convert more business and become a better and more useful asset in growing your real estate business.  

Are you generating new business from your real estate website? Share in the comments below.

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