3 Door Knocking Strategies That Will Get You More Listings

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Door Knocking has been around since the beginning of time - well the beginning of doors & sales... Many do it, but not many sales professionals do it very well. In my career, I have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars that are directly tied to my door-knocking efforts. However, there is one method that outshines the rest and that is the Open House Door-knocking Strategy. With this strategy, you can build relationships, find buyers, and find sellers, all while marketing and branding yourself the community that you are targeting. The strategy is a 4-step process that anyone can start weaving into their business immediately and start seeing results. 

Do Your Homework. 

The first step in this strategy is to map out and research the area that you will be door knocking. I usually pick out 300-500 homes around the open house. I also use tools like Remine to find out which homes have high equity and/or are in pre-foreclosure. This will help me pinpoint and markdown any homes that have a high probability of wanting to sell in the near future. 

Create Your Marketing Material(s) 

Now that your homework is done, it is time to get your marketing assets in order. I usually have two assets with me for this strategy a fire flyer and a thank your letter or card. If you are not familiar with a fire flyer it is basically a handwritten letter that breaks down some type of announcement with a call to action. You'll photocopy it to be able to send it out to multiple households.


Hey there, 

I actually have a property that I'm having an open house at this weekend [Insert Date and Time], If you know someone that's looking to move into the area I'll be happy to schedule a private showing for them

P.S.  if you're looking to take advantage of the market, please shoot me a text or call at [Insert Number] =)

Your Local Realtor, 

[Insert Name] 


Those letters will be used for prospects that you have not been able to meet in person during your door-knocking campaign. The Thank You Card or Letter is a pre-formatted handwritten letter that is pre-stamped (USPS stamps). If you have a good conversation with someone and/or they express interest in selling or buying in the future you will send the thank you letter/card immediately after your door-knocking session. This will help you stay top of mind and leave a lasting impression. 

Do The Groundwork. 

Now that you have everything prepped, it is time to go out there and promote your open house and speak to the neighbors. I have a script that I use and you are more than welcome to tweak it and use it however you want. 

--- Script is shared in the video above.

Time To Take Inventory. 

Once your daily door-knocking campaigns are done make sure that you keep all the people you meet in your CRM. Remember, fortune is in the follow-up and lasting relationships are built with communication. Make sure you keep detailed notes on your potential clients and keep tabs on them. If you stay in contact diligently, when they are ready they will reach out to you. 

So there you have it, that is my exact Open House Door Knocking Strategy. If you follow the steps above I can guarantee success as long as you stay consistent at it.

Now go out there and build the relationships and community around your expertise. If you have any questions connect with me here. Wishing you many accepted offers, closings, and happy clients! 

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