The 1,2,3 Strategy for Real Estate Follow Up

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I bet you've heard it a million times: fortune is in the follow-up, right? There has never been a statement more true, and the fact is, most Agents don't have a lead generation problem – they have lead retention and nurturing problem. There is a simple strategy that you can use that will help you follow up more effectively and help convert more leads into clients. 

The method that we're going to be using is called the 1, 2, 3 strategy. This strategy is comprised of three different contact methods: calling, texting, and emailing. If you don't get an email from the prospect, just call and text until you get an email.  


The One in the 1 2 3 strategy takes place during the first week when a lead comes in. You're going to focus on trying to get in contact with the prospect via call, text, email every other day. Our goal is to first get in contact with the prospect. We all know that sometimes people don't answer their phones the first time around. 


The Two in the 1 2 3 strategy is for the prospects that you were unable to make contact with within the first week. We are now going to follow up by call, text, and email every week for two months. That is a total of 24 attempted contacts during "The Two".


The Three in the 1 2 3 strategy is solely for the long-term follow up. The game plan in this phase requires that you reach out to your un-successfully contacted prospects every three months, for the next three years, and then trust me, if they haven't answered by then you tried your best. 

That's the 1 2 3 Strategy in a nutshell. If you follow this, I guarantee you're going to get more contacts, develop more relationships, and actually give yourself a fighting chance when getting in contact with clients, especially if you're an Agent purchasing leads from online sources like Facebook Ad’s,, Zillow Premier Agent, and Google Pay Per Click. 

Is there a CRM you use to help you with your follow up strategy? Share in the comments below.

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