4 Time Blocking Musts For Real Estate Agents

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Let’s put your time management to the test: Pull up your Google Calendar and let me know what you are doing next Wednesday at 2:00pm? If you have no idea or your calendar is empty don’t worry, you are not alone. Many agents have no idea how to schedule their day as a real estate entrepreneur. Unfortunately, many agents “major in minor things” and focus a majority of their energy on the dreaded “busy work.” 

Here are 4 Time Blocks That Most Top Producing Agents Have In Their Schedule.   

Platinum Hours - 2 Hours of Active Prospecting 

Every Top Producer carves out a minimum of 2 hours a day to reach out to new potential clients. Whether it be FSBO, Expires, Geo Leads, Doorknocking, Inbound Online Leads, etc. The keyword here is minimum. Eventually, you want to spend the majority of your time turning new prospects into clients. 

Gold Hours - 30 Minutes to an 1 Hour for Follow Up

Another key area to focus on is your follow-up time. During this time you are reaching out to people you have spoken to before. This time is carved out for past clients, your sphere of influence, and prospects looking to sell or buy in the future. This time block is just as important as your platinum hours.

Silver Hours - 30 Minutes to 1 Hour for Managing your CRM

You’ve made your calls now it’s time to add contacts, add notes, and place prospects on property matches. Yes, it can be tedious, however once they are in your CRM your automations will help make following up that much easier. 

Bronze Hours - 1 to 2 Hours of Administrative Duties 

This time block is where most low-producing agents spend a majority of their time. This is that time block where you focus on that dreaded paperwork, uploading videos, sprucing up your website, following up with attorneys, scheduling showings etc. These duties should be the first thing that you outsource once you start closing deals. 

The reason time blocking is so important is that it gives you flexibility, and allows you to better categorize your activities. For example, let’s say you need to meet a potential client and they want to schedule an appointment with you. Where would you slot them into your calendar? Your bronze time or your platinum time? 

The answer is simple: your platinum and gold time are non-negotiable while doing admin duties are lower on the list of importance. If you follow these 4 time blocks you will start setting yourself up for many more productive days. So, let’s dust off your Google Calendar and start getting to work. 

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