5 Smart Campaigns For Real Estate Agents (CRM Automations)

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Have you ever been sitting comfortably watching NetFlix and wondered whatever happened to (insert prospects name here) let me give them a call to follow up? You pick up the phone and try to remember their full name. In that call, you get the worst news a realtor could get: 

“Oh, Hey Alex, thanks for checking in… I actually put my home up for sale with (another real estate agent) if you have any buyers please bring them by.” As you fight back tears and the urge to curse them out you politely excuse yourself from the call. How could they do this to you… 

They did that to you because your follow-up game sucks. If you had a follow-up system set in place I can promise you this conversation would have gone a completely different way. In this age of technology creating an automated follow-up strategy is easy. Most modern CRM’s have features that allow smart campaigns where automatic emails and text are sent out on your behalf to “check-in.” It takes one day of just sitting down and creating the flow to have a lifetime of hands-free follow-up. 

What you should put into these smart campaigns is a lesson for another day. However, these are the smart campaigns you should have in your database right now. 

Buyer’s Campaign

This one is geared towards online lead generation. It could be the same for all your online sources such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Make it Rain Program, etc. I personally have a 1000 day follow-up campaign that shoots out texts and emails on my behalf and also reminds me when to make that follow-up call. 

Short Term Seller Campaign

This campaign is geared towards FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners). It is proven statistically that most For Sale By Owners end up listing with an agent after trying for 5 weeks. So, you might want to create a short-term follow-up plan to text, call and email the FSBO at least once a week for 3 months. You should sprinkle in educational and engaging content with each interaction. 

Long Term Seller Campaign

This campaign is geared for Expired Listings and Geo Leads. They usually end up listing in the long term so for this campaign you should have call, text, email, and mailers sent to the individual on a monthly basis.  

Networking Event Campaign

This campaign is the most simple and one of the most powerful campaigns that you will have. If you go to a networking event and meet another real estate professional or a potential client your whole goal is to stay in contact and create a friendship. Your campaign could be just text-based and be as simple as “hey, how's it going?” Real estate is a relationship-based business and the more relationships you nurture the more leads you will get. 

Open House Buyers Campaign

This campaign is literally the same campaign as your buyer campaign. The only difference is your first 3 reach outs because they will be geared towards the prospect coming to your open house. After that, the campaign will be the same as your buyer's campaign. 

If you incorporate these 5 smart automations into your CRM and follow-up plan I guarantee that you will close more deals and develop more meaningful mutually beneficial relationships for your business.

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  • Are you willing to share the steps in each of these campaigns?

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