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Whether you're a newly licensed Real Estate Agent or up-and-running, getting organized in your Real Estate Business can seem like a daunting task. It usually begins with the question, "where do I even start?" The good news is that it can be a lot simpler if you break down your organizing project(s) into smaller tasks. This helps you rinse and repeat them, PLUS it'll have a compounding effect!

Where to Begin? Start with your Work Space. 

A decluttered space often helps us declutter our minds. It's easy for old paperwork, MLS sheets, and flyers to pile up on the desk. If you're not using a CRM daily then chances are you're part of the Sticky Note Army...stickies EVERY WHERE! Schedule a time to shred the paper trash (and recycle it), and tidy up your work space. This will do wonders for helping your mind actually feel less cluttered. 

Want to compound this? Spend 2 minutes per day tidying up your desk.

What's Next? Your Schedule.

Even though a lot of us get licensed for that coveted "freedom and flexibility of time" we have to ask ourselves...isn't it curious that the highest grossing Agents & Brokers across the nation abide by specific schedules, time blocking, and strategic appointment setting? That's because building a profitable business requires a game plan, and game plans require execution. How will you execute if you're winging it each day? 

There are far too many distractions out there to just wake up and see where the day takes you as a business owner. Take your real estate business plan and set up your schedule according to what you need to take action on each day.

Get yourself a good Daily Planner that will give you space to make monthly plans, daily plans, hourly plans, and really hone in on the big picture goal. The Real Estate Agent Planner Pro actually has sections to break down WHY you need to achieve your goals, how to hit your annual commission goals, track your business and personal expenses, track your marketing campaigns, organize your social media content marketing schedule, a daily action planner, and weekly/monthly prospecting and transaction goal trackers. Check it out here.

Now What? Your CRM...Do you have one, that you ACTUALLY use?

Don't have a CRM? Then you're setting yourself up for the biggest real estate business headache down the line. When you're first getting started it may seem easy to follow up with your leads, especially the ones you can talk to. Once you start amping up your prospecting and marketing's a different story. 

Here's some perspective: If the average Agent has a 1% conversion rate, that means for 12 closings per year an Agent would need to attract 100 leads per month. That's 1,200 people per year. Are you ready to follow up with THAT many people just based on your memory. If you want 24 closings, that's at least 2,400 people per year.

A CRM will help you organize, follow up, and stay top of mind with all of the people you attract into your business. It's worth the investment, and it really should be something you log into and use on the daily. Which one is best? ANY one...especially the one you'll actually use.

Back To Your Schedule...

Design your business AROUND your life. This is a piece of advice that many Agents & Brokers don't realize until years in – or never. What does this mean? If dinner with your family nightly, or attending your kids sporting events is important for you...don't let business interfere with that. Remember, being successful doesn't necessarily require 80+ hour work weeks. It does require making the BEST USE of the time you have. The ideal schedule worksheet inside of the Business Plan breaks this down and how to make it work for you.

Block Off Follow Up Time

This will net you the most dollars for your time. Most Agents & Brokers do not have a lack of leads issue, they typically have a follow up issue. If you're bringing in a steady or even semi-steady flow of leads, but no closings then chances are you're lacking in the follow up department. The easiest fix for this is to block off time EVERY SINGLE DAY (even 30 minutes will do) that is solely dedicated to following up with people in your CRM.

Track Your Efforts

After about 3 months of consistently taking action on prospecting, marketing, time blocking, following up, advertising, etc – you will have a better picture of what exactly moves the needle in your business. For some, it may be following up with your sphere of influence – you have a gold mine of referrals waiting to be called. For others, it may be networking events – you're a superstar social butterfly and really work a room to your business's benefit. For others it could be cold calling, or running ads, or organic social media content. Maybe it's open houses! You won't know what YOUR thing is until you actually try and try CONSISTENTLY!

The key is tracking your efforts. See where the most business comes from, and then double down on THAT!

What is YOUR favorite organization tip? Share in the comments and help a fellow agent out who's reading this!

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