4 Daily Practices That Will Help You Build a Six Figure Real Estate Business

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What if I told you that you get paid six-figures to do 4 things daily? Would you do it? As a team leader of over 37 agents I have had my fair share of witnessing what some would consider the Top Producer Magic Sauce. The funny part is that most of these agents all do the same thing. At this point it is not even a secret.  

Practice #1 - Contact and have a Conversation with 10-15 People a Day Minimum

Most top producing agents have a set number of conversations they want to have on a daily basis. The fearless bunch focus on calling Expires, For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), doing Geo Prospecting, and following up with past relationships to fill in these numbers.  Building solid relationships is the name of the game. It’s not always easy to hit 10-15 conversations but if you do it everyday you will see the leads come in; and the deals closing.

Practice #2 -Document your Work Day on Social Media

Not every top producer is a social media expert. However, more and more Realtors are utilizing social media to attract their ideal audience. Those who document their day in business activities tend to earn more business than those who do not. Instagram has become somewhat of a resumé for buyers and sellers to review. I’ve personally been documenting my journey via social media for years and I’ve created a loyal clientele utilizing stories, statuses, posts and now reels. 

Nothing is better than a seller who wants to list with you before even meeting you in person.   

Practice #3 - Update your CRM Daily 

If you're having 10-15 conversations with people per day that's a lot of information to remember. Having a place to store information and automating follow up is a must for the top performing agent. They need to stay on top of all the relationships they are building and a contact/customer relationship manager is a must.  

Practice #4 - Have a Strict Follow Up Strategy. 

Every top producing agent has this one thing in common. They have a very strong follow up game and they follow it religiously. When I say strong follow up game I don't mean they call every day, week, or even month. Instead they create excuses to speak to their prospects. Maybe there is a new event that they might be interested in or maybe your office might have a new listing that their friends or family might want to take advantage of. The deeper your relationship becomes the easier it will be to text, email, and call them. 

Examples of Some Simple Strict Follow Up Plans: 

FSBO Call 

  • Once a week for seven weeks
  • Once every other week for 2 months 
  • Once every 1 month for a year. 

Expired Call 

  • Once a week until you get in contact
  • Once every month send a letter
  • Once every 2 months give a call until they list the house.  

Geo Calls 

  • Call once every other month until they list the property.  


Fun Fact: Your CRM will make you become a follow up machine. Most of these follow ups can now be automated and set as reminders. All it requires is a little daily diligence and consistency and your business will take off!

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